Lange Laufnacht HBT

Lange Laufnacht Hotel Booking Tool


Use this form to send us (the LLN Team) a booking request for the hotel.

Hotel Prices

Single Room per Night (incl. Breakfast): 85€

Double Room per Night (incl. Breakfast): 110€

If you or a part of your group are getting your stay sponsored, we're aware of it and will adjust your total accordingly.

Further booking information

When you submit the form, you should receive one automatically generated E-Mail that confirms that you have placed a booking request. If you don't receive this email within a couple minutes, please get in touch with us via We will then review your booking request and get back to you.

We intend to use the E-Mail in the Person form to send you any additional information. Alternatively, you can also just put your booking E-Mail there.

Booking changes and Special requests

Should you want to make changes to your hotel booking, contact us at Please try to keep last minute changes to a minimum to help us plan. Further, if you have some kind of special request which you cannot communicate through this form, also just send us an email.



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